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BBO 100% Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil | Preservative & Toxins Free 200ml

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BBO 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil is made from the highest grade almonds using the cold pressed method. Known for its emollient properties, almond oil has been used for centuries for its ability to help soften dry skin. Packed with nourishing nutrients, almond oil has emollient properties and can help the skin revive its natural glow.


  • No Artificial Fragrance & Toxin Free makes it ideal for daily use for Pregnant Women, Babies or on Sensitive Skin
  • Coldpressed & Unrefined gives more benefits than refined Oils.
  • Almond Oil As Makeup Remover
    Due to its many benefits, and the fact that it isn’t too oily, almond oil can be used as a makeup remover. Take a small amount of almond oil on your palm, and use your fingertips to apply the oil on the areas of your face from where you want to remove makeup. Use cotton balls to remove the oil, and then wash your face with a cleanser.
  • Almond Oil As Cleanser
    Almond oil is a carrier oil and can also be combined with essential oils to help it get absorbed better by your skin. You can add drops of essential oils to almond oil and apply this mixture on your damp skin. Wash it away with warm water. However, before you use it on your face, do a patch test using this mixture on your wrist first.


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